PC XX: The Story

Pannonian challenge is an extreme sports competition that celebrated its 20th anniversary with a monograph PC XX: The Story, honouring all the years of hard work behind its success.
The most important idea was to communicate the atmosphere of the event through design. The layout is intended to feel rough, almost DIY, but to have a smooth flow while translating the dynamic, positive and energetic feelings that Pannonian challenge evokes.
The photographs, text and quotes all have an upbeat feel with a hint of nostalgia here and there, which was expressed through a bold and unique typography and many subtle graphic interventions like rough edges, scanned duct tape or scratches for an overall gritty, but not oversaturated feel. The mosquito as an emblem of the competition was used to accentuate the rugged cover.

Type of work
Vrsta posla
Pannonian Challenge