Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb, season 2018/2019

Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb is the central theatre institution in Croatia. The theatre produces around twelve premiers per year, all of which are presented with a different visual.

The initial points of the creative process were the institution’s architecture, which to most audience represents the main association with the theatre’s name, and stage space, which to most people is the first association with any theatre.

The visuals for each production are focused towards polished imitation of real objects, similar to the way in which the theater imitates life, but in an uncanny fashion that seems „more real than real“, with which a theatrical impression of the whole campaign is achieved.

Finally, visual consistency of the campaign is reinforced by the typographical framework, its elements and their positioning, which carries on from poster to poster.

Co-author: Tessa Bachrach Krištofić

Typography: Marko Hrastovec (Hot type)

Photography: Marija Gašparović

Type of work
Vrsta posla
Croatian National Theatre in Zagreb